Key employee turnover is costing you more than you think. 
It’s the biggest “hidden cost” your company faces.

Retain your top talent!

Improve Key Employee Retention with Advanced Solutions that create the ultimate win-win you and your employees can’t do without.

David Alemian is America’s foremost retention expert. Alemian is known for his brilliance in creating innovative talent retention solutions that are a win-win for employers and their skilled employees. His ground-breaking strategies have consistently saved clients millions of dollars each year and fostered a mutually advantageous environment in the workplace.

We solve one the biggest Problems for Employers

One of the most costly challenges facing employers is finding and keeping highly skilled employees, especially those in the $100K+ annual compensation category.

The Reality Employers Face Daily

Skilled Workforce Shortages Will Last Beyond the Year 2075



Years is the average skilled labor turnover cycle in the USA

The cost to replace a highly-educated employee earning $100k and up is 213% of salary while the average U.S. worker changes jobs every 4.1 years.

Discover the #1 labor mistake that’s costing you huge dollars

Why did you "invent" it?

Skilled labor turnover is the biggest “hidden cost” that employers face. Many employers use “HR” software to track employee turnover. The software shows their employee turnover rates in percentages but doesn’t show the cost in dollars.

Anyone in business understands that to be successful, it is critical to know your numbers, including your costs.

What is it?

The turnover cost calculator is a fast and easy way for employers to determine the true cost of turnover in dollars.

Who is it for?

The turnover cost calculator is for CEOs.  It’s also for HR directors, who can then show it to their CEOs.

What does it do?

a) The turnover cost calculator tells a CEO exactly how much it will cost to replace an individual employee.
b) They can also use it to determine turnover cost for a group of employees.

For example, consider a company with 100 employees, each earning $150,000. The HR department uses its software to determine that the turnover rate for that group of employees is 20%.
The important question is: How much money did the company lose from turnover? The answer is $6,390,000 per year.

The average employee changes jobs every 4.1 years, which means that over time, the annual turnover cost for each employee is 53% of their salary. The numbers are shocking but they are real.

What value-add does it have for your clients?

The value is enormous because imagine the value of turning your biggest hidden cost into a growing company asset that retains your best employees.

Why would your clients be excited to download?

Clients will be excited because learning the cost of turnover is the first step in stopping turnover. CEOs will then know the true cost of turnover, and by following my strategy, they can transform those enormous costs into a growing company asset.

Is this free to download?

Yes, it is a free download. I want to help CEOs grow their companies, and the best place to start is by showing them how much money they are losing and how to turn those losses into assets.

How we solve the problem

Lifetime Retirement Security
= Employee Loyalty

Introducing Talent Retention Solutions

The Ultimate Retention Plan

Create long-term retention and cultivate deep employee loyalty with our Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERPs). Expertly crafted to engage and reward your top talent, these plans are a cornerstone to nurturing a committed workforce.

How we solve the problem

The SERP uses investment-grade, cash-value life insurance.

Employer Benefits:

Employee Benefits:

6 Benefits for Employers

  • Long-term Employee Retention
  • Increased Company Valuation
  • Succession Planning
  • Tax Benefits
  • Increased Employee Morale = More Productivity
  • No Risk: 100% Investment Recovery Guaranteed

Four Levels of 100%
Employer Protection

  • The employer and the employee’s beneficiary can share the death benefit. This provides the beneficiary with a significant death benefit and enables the employer to recover 100% of its investment.
  • The employer can use the policy’s cash value to recover 100% of its investment if the employee fails to complete the vesting period. This enables the employer to recover 100% of its investment.
  • Living Benefits can provide cash to both the company and the employee in the event the employee is stricken with a covered event. This enables the company to recover 100% of its investment.
  • The lifetime income can be shared by the employer and the employee. This gives the employee significant additional retirement income and enables the employer to recover 100% of its investment.


David is one of the most creative, organized, and hard working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

He is a “can do” individual who is always ahead of the competition and inspirational to his peers.  I enjoyed every minute of working together with him and look forward to doing so again.

Dr. Lillian Arleque Ed.D.

Reinventing key employee retention by empowering their financial future…

…and you save the 53% of salary surplus cost per employee in the process.

…and you save huge sums of money in annual turnover costs, which means higher company profits.